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What is one on one support?
        This is support that is provided to a person living with a diagnosis to work on social skills, emotional regulation and social awareness.

What is the cost?
        The cost of one on one support is dependent on the age of your child and the type or support they need. One on one support can start at $30 an hour.

What does this cost include?
        This hourly charge includes the activities for the support worker, gas, preparing visual supports and the support worker.

What are the extra costs?
        The extra costs are the cost of the activities for your child and cost of transit if we take public transit. Also, if you live more than 20 km away from your support workers home address there will be a 30 minute travel time added to each session. 

How do we invoice and collect payment?
        We invoice after the last session of the month, all invoices will be charged a 5% GST and PST is INCLUDED. Payment needs to be paid within 7 business days after the invoice date (the day it is emailed). However, we do direct bill Autism Funding and there is no need to have invoice paid within 7 business days.

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