These program will happen on Spring break, Winter break and Summer break.

We are currently planning Summer Camp.

Summer Camp Social Group will be 7 weeks.

Week 1 June 29-30/ July 2-3         Week 2 July 13-16

Week 3 July 20-23       Week 4 July 27-30

Week 5 August 4-7      Week 6 August 10-13

Week 7 August 17-20

The program will operate from 9:00 to 3:00 Monday to Thursday (unless there is a long weekend)

This week will be planned by the participants on the first day of camp and they will be coming home with a plan for the rest of the days. Extra cost will be for if your child buys lunch and transit. The cost for this week will be $375, a $50 deposit will be needed before your child is registered. 

Due to COVID-19 no deposit is required till June 1st

*** An initial $50 deposit will be needed to be paid prior to registration. Once the registration is completed, this $50 will be deducted from your last week. Please note, there will be no refunds made to your deposit for cancellations made under a month away from the start of the program. ***


Depending on the participants in the group and where everyone lives a central public location will be picked to first meet. The purpose for picking a public location is to become familiar and comfortable with public spaces to use them as a tool to meet with friends.

Here is a small outlook on the week as we want to keep it flexible to encourage everyone to express how they want their week to go and work with each other to have a enjoyable experience while fosters friendships. Groups will be 4 participants and one leader.


Weekly view: 


Everyone Welcome/ Ice Breaker Games

Start collaboratively planning our week of activities

Call to check prices/ make reservations

Take a break grab a snack

Find options to research for jobs/ Work on interview questions/ Look at sample resumes

Take a break grab lunch

Volunteer Work

Exchange contact information with group ( email, phone number, Facebook)


 Everyone Welcome/ Conversation Starters

Start on our day and what the leader has planned or group has planned.

Take a break for lunch

Continue with planned activities

Chat about what worked for the day and what did not work for the day.


This program to encourage independence, build friendships and to work with others in a group setting. We hope that this social skills camp will have people living with a disability connect with people and have a meaningful friendship.

Planned Activities for Summer 2019 were:

Buntzen Lake

Swimming at Kits Pool

Kruse Farm berry picking / Derby Reach walk

Bike Ride on the Dyke

Cleaver Dam/ Lynn Canyon

Grandville Island/ Water Taxi

Driving Range/ Bog walk 


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