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Louise Parent 

“Just so you know, my son was offered a job on Tuesday, starting with volunteering to see if it’s a fit, then into a paid position. 

Although I had been thinking of them as a potential employer I would not have pursued things this quickly - but since you got him into the action and they liked what they saw, it’s all coming together much more quickly. Meant to be I think!

So thank you for your part in this. It’s a big piece for us and my son, and has lots of potential. Way to go!”

Ellen Ramsden Teacher 

“Jenn has the ability to make every student smile, laugh and enjoy themselves at school. In addition to her up-beat personality, Jenn gives her students opportunity to thrive, and encourages them to accomplish their goals and persevere through challenging tasks. Jenn works hard to teach her students social skills that will help increase the number of positive social interactions they have with their teachers and peers. Jenn is a great role model for the kids she teaches!”

Lisa Sugihara Education Assistant Richmond Secondary 

“I have known Ms. Shields for two years now. Ms. Shields is not only a colleague but I consider her a close friend. We have worked together in the same high school as educational assistants. We support many students with special needs, helping them build and maintain meaningful social interactions amongst peers and help them feel accepted and valued at school. 

 During these two years, Ms. Shields has shown to be a strong team player and we have worked collaboratively because we have shared many students with diverse abilities together. We have students with Down’s, cerebral palsy and autism spectrum disorders and she has proven to be confident and capable when working with any of them. She has a friendly personality and the energy to keep the students engaged at the task at hand. Ms. Shields is creative and for two years in a row has been the one to come up with and create Halloween costumes for the whole learning services department.”

Ron and Kelly Sytsma Parents

“We have known Jenn for 8 years and met because of our busy work schedules and the need for child care. Jenn stood out to us on day 1 as an engaged individual when our oldest child now 12yrs old attended before and after school care as he entered Kindergarten.  She also cared for our youngest son, now 9 yrs old, in his early years before his school years and continued with before and after school.  She has a desire to get to know each child and family and both our boys learned a lot of life skills.  They both enjoyed there time with Jenn and often asked why Jenn wasn’t there when she moved on to be a Teacher’s Assistant.  Our oldest son is now 5’7” and when both our boys see her they smile and give her a big hug, the best part is Jenn has a huge smile too.  Homework.....no problem she would work with them at the facility in the early years while we both worked full time.  Rushing home from our offices I recall texting her what felt like almost daily to ask her to get the boys soccer gear on 20mins before we arrived to pick up.  Jenn also offered and helped us in our home outside of her schedule at the Center with our kids from time to time evenings/weekends and one thing we knew for sure if we needed her for anything anytime she was there to help us when we needed it most.  My only regret is I wish We together had opened a childcare facility in South Surrey 6 years ago and had you Manage it. Thank You Jenn for all you did for our family in those tough busy years and we wish you all the best in your new venture.”

Lyssa ElmstromPrevious Coworker/ Teacher

“I worked with Jenn for a year at Creative Kids. She was my building manager, program manager and I personally worked with her everyday with in the after school program. Being new to not only the job but the city she took me under her wing and I personally looked to her as a mentor and friend. Jenn cares about the kids she works with, it is clear in her programming, work ethic and everyday manner. She over saw four programs and would still make time to check in the families at drop off and pick up and connect with each child in her care.”

Chelsea Mahovlich Previous coworker/ Licensed Practical Nurse 

“I worked with Jenn for a few years, she is not only a great person to work with but she is AMAZING with kids. She treats them with respect, she is compassionate, and kids love her. Jenn puts all her heart and soul to working with kids you can see her passion just radiating from her.”

Erin Fox Previous Coworker

“I was very lucky to not only get to work with Jenn but to have her also care for my son at Creative Kids. I loved working with Jenn because of the positive attitude she brought to work every day. Her smile and laugh are infectious! Jenn has a true passion for children of all ages. She is loving and caring, silly and fun as well as encouraging and uplifting!”

Lisa Mackay, MSc., RSLP Certified in Speech Language Pathology by SAC

“Jennifer is an exceptional advocate for the students that she works with. She views her students from a strength based approach and has a unique humor and positivity that allows her to connect with the individuals that she supports. Her ability to push her students outside of their comfort zones while providing the right level of support has resulted in remarkable gains in their confidence and skill levels.”

Matt Winograd, Teacher

“Jenn has a natural ability to build connections with students and colleagues which facilitates a positive environment and fosters confidence in those she interacts with.  Jenn’s enthusiasm, energy, positive values, and down-to-earth personality are visible in every interaction. Jenn is a strong advocate for the students she works with.  She truly cares about teaching and reinforcing social skills, creating opportunities for students to develop their skills on a daily basis.”

Tracy Grand Parents

“Our family met Jenn in 2015 when we attended creative kids. She instantly bonded with my children who were going through the recent split of our family. At the same time, my eldest son was diagnosed with ADHD. Going through the divorce was very difficult for them but Jen was so bonded with the children, as well as caring and compassionate that she made the transition a much easier time for my boys, as well as myself. She is someone I would one thousand percent recommend to work with your children: she is kind, funny, relates well to all kids with all different kinds of issues and is supportive of families as a Whole. She is very insightful, compassionate and completely trustworthy. When she told us she was leaving creative kids I was crushed because she was honestly like an angel to our family when we really needed it, but at the same time I was thrilled for her new path in life. All the parents loved her all the kids loved her she is an incredible person I feel fortunate to know. She has a gift, period.”

 Erin Pearson Parent

“Thanks Jenn, you are providing a much needed service for these kids (I was going to call them buried treasures and I sense you know what I mean).”